Wednesday, January 2, 2008


These 2 words are my mantra for 2008. I want to get back to basics as things just crowd and clutter so easily. Simplify as in cook some more wholesome meals for my family. Seeing to it that they are healthy and doing my part in it. We tend to cut corners so easily with our nutrition and that's NOT OK. Simplify as in keeping the clutter we so continuously accumulate to a minimum. Keeping up to date with little things such as laundry and dishes. Birthdays and anniversaries. Writing letters. Phoning friends and family. So easily life gets in the way and important things like this gets left behind. Good conversations versus running mindlessly. Not letting days just pass us in a haze. Making every moment count. Being prepared. Amplify as in let the main thing be the main thing. To me that's my relationship with Jesus. To be able to say at the end of 2008 that I know and Love Him more. That my life will matter in the sense that I will make a difference even if it's only in one person's life. That I will be a source of joy to God. It's not what God can do for us... but for once let it be ... God, what can I do for you. I want to bless you Lord. I want to love you more. Amplify also means spending more time in the word. I love my Amplified Bible (also referred to as the LOUD speaker Biblefunny videos) .. so amplify has some meaning for me there.

I decided to give you all 2 weeks to get those pictures to me. For those who joined the party late, please read this post. You can have a peek in the 2008 Challenge gallery by clickin on my page in the left side bar. Also have a look at the word of the week. I LOVE that word.

Ok, now I feel like a school kid who did her homework. My page is done. YAY! You can see it here too.
Love you guys.


Anonymous said...

Powerful words with awesome meaning and intention. I have no doubt that you will look back on 2008 and feel that you've met your goals!

Thanks for your words, for sharing His words so often, and for your friendship. And, may you and your family have a happy, healthy, simple, and amplified 2008! Seriously, all the best to you, my friend!

Anonymous said...

A really inspirational post: those are some things that everyone could benefit from.

I love that you are so open in your faith! :)

caro said...

Love this week's word - it applies so well, to the mommies of new kiddies, coming to our nursery school, for the first time nxt week!

Thanks for the extension, the concept is ready, but the evidence is taking a while... The mac gallery works brilliantly too.

Enjoying a short (HOT) work week, and the last lazy part of school vac.
Yeah for 'o8 & a fresh start.

homedaisy said...

does wendy sue have a blog? her page is just delightful i bet she is too. they are all a treat, really. thank you to all who are sharing...