Sunday, November 30, 2008

From my heart to you.

I can't believe it's Nov 30 and tomorrow we start the count down to Christmas!
Check back here tomorrow as I have a Christmas gift for you... still working on it... but I am super excited!!

Love and a kiss


Jody said...

Yes! Tomorrow starts the countdown and I am not even remotely ready for Christmas to come so soon. BUT, I plan to enjoy every minute of the journey and I am excited to see yours unfold here on the coming days too. Love to you and your family this Christmas season, Wilna. xoxo

caro said...

ya, I am so happy it's this special time again!

Love all the edges & elements in your teaser page ..... PLEASE tell me the name of that tomato delicious red?

Just to say, it would be good to live in your time zone, then I could get these quicker!!!! ( Am lookin' for a local version of shutterfly.)

Hugs to all five of you.

lizness said...

How did this happen -- time flies! Seriously, happy start of the holidays to you and your family!