Monday, January 25, 2010

Little Light Studio!

yes! Little Light Studio is seeing the light today! I can honestly say that Kayla Aimee was the driving force behind all this... she put together the website. I did design the graphics, but that was a small part in the greater scheme of things!


I am super happy to announce that you can go to Little Light Studio and book your place in my LOVE DIGITAL 101 class. It will start next Monday and I will be in the "class" with you all the way. Before you register just a few things you must know:
  • You need Photoshop elements 3 or higher.
  • You need to be able to watch a video... go and see if you have issues watching this video. If you don't, then the class should work ok for you. The videos will be on our website and you will be able to download them and keep them on your computer.
The class is absolutely for beginners... if you have traveled a bit on the digital road, and like the pages we are making, you can still buy only the kit.

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This is so exciting!
Talk soon!


mandiegirl said...

We haven't made the photoshop plunge yet! :( I'm sure it's going to be great though! :) Yay for littlelight!

Tamara Nicole said...

Congrats!!! That awesome good luck with the class I'm sure it'll be a great success

Melissa said...

yay!! I am so excited!! Off to check out the site...