Saturday, January 23, 2010


[click the image to see the credits! (and 2peas gorgeous new gallery!)]

I made this page today. And i made it because this mini schnauzer is really one of the biggest joys in my life. I bought this stuffed mini schnauzer today and just had to take some pictures of the two of them.
I have been feeling so blue lately... and you know what? Today I consciously started to bless people. I did some specific things for people I know need a bit of kindness in their life. I didnt have to do it. I did it because forgetting to be generous started to affect my soul. And now I can say thank God for showing me a higher road!
Tonight we are going to see Avatar (yes, again). Have you seen it? Dont you think it's amazing?
Peace and love


Cheryl said...

gorgeous as usual, miss wilna!! i LOVE all the color and the birdies! :) is it all digital?
so cool that you did some stuff for others to lift your own spirits...isn't it an amazing feeling? i'll say a prayer for you that things get alot better soon.
you rock, my friend! :)

cheryl said...

nevermind...i just saw the 2peas digikit link. :)

Kristi (aka T!) said...

Love the LO..the color selection is gorgeous...
It sure does change your prospective on things to give and push some love out.
Great inspiration to us all!

Chardee said...

Hi Wilna!
Don't underestimate the blessings you freely give others whenever you post to your blog. Your gifts of shared creativity and inspiraton are always a blessing to me and I'm sure they are to many others as well.

Tamara Nicole said...

Super cute page, and hope things are looking up for ya!!!

Sophia said...

Love your LO, too cute. Yip, saw Avatar on Saturday in 3D and it was awesome!!!

Kim said...

Love the layout!!
Thank you for your inspiration -