Tuesday, January 19, 2010


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Just a collection of my thoughts about me right now. I used Michelle Underwood's "Sunday kind of love" and I am seriously in love with this kit. It speaks to me... it just makes me happy! It's romantic, it's beautiful, it's delicate and divine. I am sure there are many words I can use to describe it. Thanks Michelle for making life in digital so beautiful. : ) The kit came out at 2peas today and all I can say is: get it!
Then, the winner of the lil RAK from 2 posts ago is: (please email me by clicking the yahoo mail button in the sidebar)

A bit of good news out of the mirror translation: Eph 1: 17 I desire that your knowledge of the Father will be undiluted, that you will draw directly from the source; that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ imparts the spirit of wisdom to you in the unveiling of His Master Plan (glory.) 1:18 I pray that your thoughts will be flooded with light and revelation knowledge; that you will clearly picture His intent in identifying you in Him so that you may know how precious you are to Him. The saints are His treasure and the glorious trophy of His portion! (We are God's assets and the measure of His wealth!) 1:19 I pray that you will understand beyond all comparison the magnitude of His power towards us who believe. 1:20 It is the same dynamic energy that He unleashed in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and forever established Him in the power of His own right hand in the realm of the heavens. 1:21 Infinitely above all the combined forces of rule, authority, dominion or governments; He is ranked superior to any name that could ever be given to anyone of this age or any age still to come in the eternal future. 1:22 I want you to see this: He subjected all these powers under His feet. He towers head and shoulders above everything. He is the head, 1:23 the church (His redeemed image and likeness in man) is His body. The completeness of His being that fills all in all resides in us! God cannot make Himself more visible or exhibit Himself more accurately.

thanks to all my blog friends who is so. good. to. me.


caro said...

This is an awesome page and I haven't even read it yet. It IS beautiful. Tx for the visual treat!

Tamara Nicole said...

Love it! And lovin the title, did you read that book??? Awesome:-)

Thanks for the inspiration

~Tamara Nicole~

Wilna said...

funny enough, i havent read the book!

Young Nanny said...

I love your Good News message today. My reading this morning was about how much God loves us but do we really understand that? I don't think so. Our brains can't fully comprehend all that He is, just that He IS and that we are his prized possession. How awesome is that?

Love your blog, your inspiration, your encouragement.

Blessings Wilna!

amy said...

I love your page....the soft colors are so nice! Thanks for always sharing great Bible verses too! love your blog!

Stay Funny said...

Beautiful Wilna, stunning!

laura vegas said...

this is such a gorgeous layout wilna! love it!