Monday, December 5, 2011

December Journal | Five

This event happened over the weekend and took lots of pictures. We made tea, ate coffee cake, turned up Justin Bieb's Under the mistletoe real (really) loud and danced around with little lights and made funny faces.  I loved making this page and that picture? Says it all.

See you again Thursday. Today (Tuesday) I am going to be cleaning house and take some pictures and cook lamb-stew. the end.

love and a kiss

December Daily 2010 Posts.
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Cele Schaffer said...

Loving your December Daily! Go buy the movie DVD of The Help today!I love to read too-thanks for the recommendations.Happy Holidays!

gleestormont said...

sigh, just love it when you get that one picture that really really captures the moment! peace, joy & laughter to you & yours

Queenie said...

Beautiful pictures for your DD!
Enjoy the stew.

Anonymous said...


Michele H. said...

We sing Justin Bieber's "Under the Mistletoe" song very loudly too:)This is such a fun page.

Love your daily!! Thank you for sharing.