Monday, May 28, 2012


Dance 2012 from Wilna Furstenberg on Vimeo.

I made this video as a memory to all the dances that my 3 girls danced this year. My biggest regret is that I didn't do it for the past 7 years. Better late than never... : ) enjoy!

The winner for the 2peas class by Amy Heller is Viji Siddharth who  said... I would love to win this !! Thanks for the chance! Twopeas vgumparthi 8:16 AM

happy monday!
love and a kiss


sophie said...

don't ask me why I have tears in my eyes after watching this video??! maybe because I am a mother and I know what a treasure this is! or maybe because my 5 year old is having her first dance show on saturday and I now know what to do with my camera!

kellkat said...

I too am having tears.
I just brought down a photo of son to scrap as I'm in a stuck mood with work and thought I would get out of it by creating a layout. I first went to Shimelle's on two peas for the 8x10 idea which led me to your page which brought me to your blog. My son's photo is of his dancing his solo... Now I have the inspiration for title and some background words - like you did with the Advice layout.
Love the dances they did, especially the harp one. Thanks for sharing your video.

Donna C said...

This is such a great idea! Time goes so fast, this is such a wonderful momento of your talented daughters.

My daughter's dance studio doesn't allow any photos or videos, you have to purchase the studio one. Which is ok, but I love how you were able to get close shots of your girls dancing.